Food Delivery

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What is Food Delivery?

Food delivery is nothing new but as we've moved to an "on-demand" society, it's creating opportunity for part-timers and even full-timers to choose when and where they want to pick up and deliver food from restaurants to customers. You no longer have to get employed by a specific restaurant. Instead, drivers are independent contractors and technology delivery platforms allow drivers to pick up delivery orders from any restaurant on the platform and deliver it to the customer. It's a convenient and quick way to make extra cash with relatively low requirements to become an independent delivery driver.

Whose It Good For?

Food delivery is a suitable quick cash hustle for many people because most people have a vehicle and legal driving requirements. In some countries and cities, you simply need a bike or motorbike. All the equipment needed to keep food hot is provided by the delivery platform.


All you need is your computer, internet, and headphones.

Likes Driving

Work as much or as little as you want, whenever you want.

How Do You Make Money?

With Food Delivery you can make money two different ways: 1) Each Delivery 2) Tips from customers:

Per Delivery

Each ridesharing company is different, but they tend to have goal bonuses. For example, X number of rides per day.


If you're providing exceptional customer service, you could be earning tips from customers directly through the app. You keep 100% of your tips

Earnings Estimate Range

Earning estimates vary depending on many factors. Below is an approximate range on what you can expect to make as an independent food delivery driver without accounting for expenses incurred as an independent contractor.

Low End Range
High End Range

*Please see each food delivery company below for average earnings estimates from various companies.


Food delivery drivers are independent contractors so drivers must pay for their own expenses. Below are the following major expenses you'll expect to incur as a delivery driver:


Unless you're driving an electric vehicle, you'll need to pay for gas. Efficient vehicles are highly recommended.

Car Payments

An expense most likely you're already incurring. However, some rent or lease a vehicle strictly for delivery purposes.


You'll need personal auto insurance for the vehicle that you're using to make deliveries. Most food delivery companies provide limited insurance while making deliveries. Regardless, personal insurance is a must. Check with your insurance company to see if they insure you and your vehicle while making deliveries as well. 


You have to factor in maintenance on your vehicle (Oil change, tires, wear and tear).

Basic Requirements

Below are the basic requirements you'll need to start food delivery. Each food delivery platform has its own set of specific requirements for each country and city. Please see specific food delivery company below for more requirements in your area.


Food delivery platforms are more lenient than rideshare platforms. You can use two doors and four-door vehicles. Some platforms also allow you to use mopeds, bikes, and electric scooters.


If you're delivering with a car or a moped, you'll need to have proper insurance.


If you're delivering with a car or a moped, you'll need to have a valid driver's license to operate your vehicle.

Smart Phone

You'll need a smartphone to access your delivery app. The app provides the entire system for you to receive delivery, location information, and receive payment.

Start Food Delivery

Sign up with one of the food delivery companies below and get started making that cheddar. To increase your amount of customers, you can sign up for both ridesharing programs, as many people do.

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