Steven Lien


Unwage was created for the sole purpose of helping aspiring entrepreneurs find and grow a thriving business. I've been an entrepreneur for over a decade now and I know how difficult the journey can be when you feel like you're going at it alone. It can be confusing even knowing where to start.

Unwage was birthed from several key ideas:

  1. Most people are not familiar with different business models so they never start or start a business that isn't suited for them.
  2. Aspiring entrepreneurs would reach success faster and more successfully if they found a business that best suited their unique personalities.
  3. Training provided by proven business experts in their domain of expertise would also speed up an entrepreneur's path to success.
  4. The education, resources, and support needed to build a business should be found in one place.

Through personal experience, I know that entrepreneurs would have a higher probability of success if those key points were adequately addressed. The goal at Unwage is to tackle those key ideas in an ever-evolving solution through Unwage.

We aim to do our best in finding unique online and remote business models with the best trainers to teach you how to build that particular business. I don't know what Unwage will look like in the future. But what I do know is that our mission will be the same: Helping aspiring entrepreneurs find and create thriving businesses. And selfishly, my hope is that Unwage becomes part of your success story.

I'm excited about your entrepreneurial journey and I'd love to hear your success stories down the line. You can email me at steven@unwage.com to tell me about them!

Cheers to a lifetime of growth and adventure!

Steven Lien

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