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I've always wanted to make money and start businesses since I was young. I didn't come from money but I knew there was power in having it. Not the over-lording kind of power, but power in options. Money doesn't necessarily "buy" happiness but it does give you the opportunity to pursue things that do bring about more joy, peace, and happiness.

Millionaire Mentor

I was fortunate early on to have a millionaire mentor that helped build the foundation for wealth building. I know first-hand how important it is to learn from others much further along the business journey. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to or even knows to find successful mentors.

Business School

Not only did I get hands-on experience with my mentor building a business when I was 19 years old, but I also ended up going back to college (I dropped out for a business endeavor) to learn about business in a formal setting.

I attended my dream school, the University of Southern California (USC) to see what else I could learn. I worked at several large corporations and tech startups but knew that my heart was for owning my own business and building wealth.

Passing it On

After several more successful and failed businesses, I knew I wanted to teach everything I've learned and am learning to those that really want to escape the rat race and "unwage" from their job. I know how badly I wanted to create financial freedom and have ownership of my life. I hated being forced to get a job because I needed to pay my bills.

My goal now is to help as many people as possible on their entrepreneurship journey. If I can help just a little bit in someone reaching their business goals, then I'd consider all this an endeavor worth taking on.

Hidden Wealth

All the knowledge is out there to create the wealth you desire, but it's mostly hidden in the information overload that exists in our world. How ironic that the problem with learning is too much information.

The right information with proper execution is what's needed. I wanted to make learning from successful entrepreneurs more accessible, uncluttering the glut of information.

This inspired the creation of Unwage. I wanted to create a space where I could share my experiences and aggregate everything I wish I had to launch/grow businesses. I believe it would help aspiring entrepreneurs get the right information faster and execute more effectively.

I landed on three areas that I believe would do just that:

3 primary pillars:

  • Education - Foundational entrepreneurial education and a directory of popular business models taught by business experts.
  • Resources - Services and software that help entrepreneurs launch and scale their business.
  • Support - A full cycle support system from launch to exit.

By tackling these three areas, I believe that the chances of an entrepreneur's success increase dramatically.

Unwage will be an ever-evolving solution to help aspiring entrepreneurs build successful businesses. I don't know what it will look like in the future, but I do know my mission will be the same — Helping aspiring entrepreneurs grow successful businesses.

My selfish desire is I'll show up in your success story. My promise to you is I'll do my best in bringing the most value to your entrepreneurial pursuits.

I'm excited about your journey and I'd love to hear your stories down the line.

You can email me at steven@unwage.com to tell me about them! You might show up as a testimonial on the site because who doesn't need to hear more success stories!

Here's to you and your success.

Cheers to a lifetime of growth and adventure!

Steven Lien

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